Doctor Who Video Game?

Checking out some older Dueling Analogs comic strips, one grabbed my attention. Which one? The one that referenced an upcoming Doctor Who video game. Doctor Who video game?!?! How did I miss this?

A Gamespot article from July (three months pass for me to hear about this! Yikes.) mentions that it will be hitting multiple platforms, from consoles to cellphones. And we can expect it this coming holiday season from publisher Eidos.

Eidos has brought us such gems as Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Carmageddon, Thief 2 and Pony Friends. Oh boy. Let's think the best and wait and see.

But the game play does look like it's going to be based on the Top Trump card game system. Some how I don't think the Daleks would seem that intimidating with a Yu-Gi-Oh card decky thing-a-ma-gig.

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