Park Play

Ethan has wanted to visit the park near Donna's parents for at least a month now. And since we haven't been there in 5 months, we went today while Carts was sleeping.

Leaving Donna's parent's, I walked, he pedaled. It was a kilometer each way. I know it might sound cruel, but I'd like to think it teaches him to work for stuff he wants. And worst case, he'd sleep well tonight.

Now I did pull him half the way back for dinner because he was saying he was tiered… so I guess I'm a softy. There goes that life lesson.


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2 thoughts on “Park Play”

  1. He was on a plastic tricycle. He was slowing down on the way back so I pulled him with my jacket but he would speed up when I did. So I would stop pulling him. But then he would go slow again. I was hardly pulling the little guy. It was all in his head.

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