I Like to Touch

As I stopped by Futureshop to pick up my new SD card; I wandered over to the iPod section and checked out the new Classic (that I'm leaning towards getting) and they also had a Touch out on demo.

Let me just say beautiful. Beautiful. Now I know why the iPhone has created such hype (still no word when it will be released here in Canada and I can't wait for Leo to leave me one).

They had it setup with wi-fi so of course what site would I check? My Vox of course. It looked great. Though you can't tell with the horribly out of focus video, but trust me it was so cool.

A few things….

  • I was a little surprised about the lenght of the start up time. It seemed a little long for a PMP. But it makes sense when you think that it's really a portable computer.
  • Thin, thin, thin. It was so freaking thin. I couldn't believe it. But now I can understand the $450 price tag of the 16GB model.
  • The screen is so sharp and solid. That glass screen really is nice.
  • Just sucks that Flash is not supported, I mean my Wii can play my Vox videos and it costs less.
  • The UI works great and I only used it for a few minutes. Very intuitive.
  • Should I skip the Classic and right to the Touch?

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