Too Good To Be True


I have a great deal for you. All you have to do to forward an email to at least 8 people, cc: and you'll get a 6 year old discontinued phone for free. You can't beat that.

Doesn't sound that hot of a deal when I put it that way now does it.

A Google search proved this a hoax., and all talked about this chain letter

He's the body of the email I received.

Hi everyone,  
The Ericsson Company is distributing free computer Lap-tops in an attempt to match Nokia that has already done so. Ericsson hopes to increase its popularity this way. For this reason, they are giving away the new WAP laptops. All you need to do to qualify is to send this mail to 8 people you know. Within 2 weeks, you will receive EricssonT18. But if you can send it to 20 people or more, you will receive Ericsson R320.
Make sure to send a copy to:

  • First off as far as I know Ericsson and Nokia make cell phone not laptops.

  • Secondly there is no way to track emails you send to other people so that you will get a check, a laptop, a cell phone, or your very own personal baby Jesus.
  • Thirdly you should simply know better than that. If it sounds too good to be true it is.

On a side note my very first cell phone was the T18D. I loved it, I had a leather case,an extra battery, car charger, the works. The only downside is that flip was purely cosmetic and had a tendency to pop off.

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2 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True”

  1. ohohohohoho, i was this close *rick sticks thumb and index finger* to fall for it. i even opened my gmail. but then i got to the details… the unbelievable thing is that some people do actually go for it *sighs*

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