BBC on CBC in HD and Online

Having already seen the first season of Torchwood, I haven't caught it's North American debut on the CBC.

That didn't stop me from visiting the CBC to see what they are doing to promote it. Let's just say we shouldn't have complained about the lack of promotion of season 2 & 3 of Doctor Who.

What caught my eye was that Torchwood seems to be broadcast in HD? I just might have to get my sister (who has a HD tv and satellite box) to PVR an episode so I can see how nice it looks in HD.

On the Doctor Who front, the CBC is streaming the last three episodes of series 3 online at their Doctor Who mini site. So if you want to catch some Who legally visit the site. If you're outside of Canada I don't know if there are any restrictions to viewing them (as the BBC site often does on content). At least it looks better than YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “BBC on CBC in HD and Online”

  1. As a family, we're a bit cheap and like to be idealistic and not watch too much tv. *snort* I love TV… but my life has gotten sucked up before so I do have to be careful. We just moved into a new place in the summer and they hadn't disconnected the cable for the previous owners so we went from 2 snowy stations to 50+ channels. Lovely. And on Wednesday, just before I sat down to watch Bones, I found they had cut us off. oh well.[Rant: of those 2 channels – we don't even get CBC here!!!!! Irks me quite a bit because I pay taxes to it; heck – I even like CBC, which is more than some folks can say, and not just for the news and hockey. A local station didn't renew its lease with CBC about 2 years ago and they haven't put in a tower so we can get it… and we're not talking about me living in Hickville; I'm only 4 hours from Vancouver, my city has about 90 000 and you can add lots more to the general area. End Rant]So just last night my husband noticed that Rick Mercer Report and 22 Minutes (two of our favourites) we could watch online. And we did. I had seen both of them earlier in the week (Tuesday – just before cable went) and I noticed that we even got more material online than what they actually aired.I'll have to start looking into other shows, too.

  2. My wife watches alot of tv, me I'm more I'll get stuff off the internet and watch an episode here or there when I can. Sucks about the cable being cut. Maybe an earlier Christmas present for yourself you can get the lowest package just to get those CBC, CTV channels.The three times I have moved in the last 5 years, before the tv was setup, my internet was running. I can live without cable… I can't live without internet. 😉

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