End of Thrusdays

Well looks like Thursday nights are over for the year. Due to the weather and the Ice Cream closing for the season.

It was funny when we found out that it was closed Ethan said "Ice cream closed, daddy sad". At least it ends my parfait addiction for a few months.


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4 thoughts on “End of Thrusdays”

  1. well, i took some french as a kid… but i think that even if i didn't, i could've figured it out. language comes pretty easily to me. :Dare you fluent in french? do you have to be where you live?

  2. You think I would be since I was born and raised in Quebec… but unfortunately I'm not. I've gotten better since I've been working in a French workplace, but I still suck. ;-(. You can get by but it certainly affects your job prospects if you're not bilingual. There was a study done recently saying besides the Anglo community slowly dieing, that an Anglo is 29% more likely to be unemployed.

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