New Guilty Pleasure

I found myself of late getting down about my animation input. There just doesn't seem to be anything go out there anymore… or that's what I used to think.

Adult Swim has come out with my new favorite show Lucy Daughter of the Devil.

The premise

Lucy is the Antichrist living in San Francisco, finished art school and working at her dad's (Satan) restaurant. She has a crush on the second coming of Christ (who is a DJ) and a group of special Fathers and a Sister from the Vatican are trying to kill her. So basically Romeo and Juliette meets the Exorcist meets Home Movies (another great show) meets the Seventh Sign.

Home Movies and Dr. Katz are sadly no longer with us, but if you liked them you'll probably like Lucy. They have the same writing style that I just love.

Just be forewarned (if the title wasn't an indication) this is not for the kids. There is graphic violence and tons of blood and satanic imagery. But boy is it funny.

Home Movies - Cursing Dave Chappelle on Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

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