9 More Years

Nine years ago I was in Cegep, the Ice Storm hit, the Winter Olympics were help in Nagano Japan, Titanic won 11 Oscars, the G3 iMac was released, terrorism was something that happened "over there" and Monica Lewinsky  was a household name. And oh yeah this little search engine called Google started up.

If Google is known for their clean interface, you should have seen what it looked like in November of 1998.

Happy birthday Google. I'm feeling lucky.

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5 thoughts on “9 More Years”

  1. I totally remember hearing about that ice storm! However, it felt worlds away: I grew up in northern BC so I go the whole cold and snow thing, but it was hard to fathom the power and weight of ice. Not to mention that at the time I was going to college (we`re probably close in age…) on one of the Gulf Islands (Thetis) on the west coast, sleeping only a stone`s throw away from the lapping of ocean waves and surrounded by mild, but rainy, weather. A very different winter.

  2. it was very surreal. I remember being at a friends apartment and watching transformers sparking. My dad (who is very resourceful) got a couple 100 feet of PVC tubing and hooked it up to the hot water (because my parents have gas for hot water), ran it around the house and instant radiant heating. Imagine going outside and everything covered with inches of ice.

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