Family Vacation

We spent our first real family vacation (just the four of us) in Lake George the second weekend of September.


We stayed at Pine Groove Lodging. It was ok, but the bathroom could use an update. Ethan jumped from bed to bed and he enjoyed having the Cartoon Network.


Thanks to our LaRonde season passes and parking pass (that are valid there also) we went the Great Escape. The boys loved the little houses and kept running from one to the other and back again. And Ethan loved the big shoe house.


Even though The Great Escape is smaller than LaRonde, they certainly have way more rides for the kids. And I don't know if it was the time of year or what but the park was really not that busy so there were no lineups at all. It was great. Donna really loved seeing Ethan and Carter enjoy themselves so much as she has warm childhood memories of her family vacations to Lake George.


The four of us when on the log ride and Donna was only one that wasn't scared.

It was antique car weekend at Lake George which was an added bonus for Ethan due to our usual Thursday outings. On Saturday night we headed into the village for dinner and saw all the people sitting on the side of the road to watch the cars driving by. It was crazy with so many people on the road.


We ended up having dinner at McDonald's (I can't wait till the boys want to eat real food) and then parked ourselves out on the street to see all the cars parading pass. After the fortieth car I stopped taking photos.



They had closed of the main street and had the cars driving around town in a looping pattern for a few hours. They were doing burn outs and reeving the engines and the smog cloud that was created was pretty thick. I'm sure it rivaled rush hour in any major city. It didn't help that all the cars were 30 plus years old and not the most fuel efficient vehicles to start with. You almost wanted to cough.


We walked up and down the main street watching the cars go by doing some window shopping and checking out the sights. It was around there that Carter fell asleep. He must have been really tried to fall asleep with all the noise from the cars.


We heard that there was going to be fire works so we went down to the beach, got some ice cream and saw a pretty good show. I don't think I've even been that close (and we were close) to such a good show before. I don't count the international fireworks show at LaRonde ever year since I've only watched that from across the river on the south shore.


It was really a great trip. Ethan and Carter had such a great time and were very well behaved (except the meal times that had a little drama). This is definitely going to be a yearly event.

I was secretly on the hunt to check out an iPhone but no such luck, of course I didn't go searching very hard. But I did get to check out the new fatty Nano's.


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