Old Friends

Last weekend my schedule finally overlapped for the first time in 3 years with some old Bark Lake friends, Tobi and Bianca. They flew all the way from Germany with three friends for an 8 day stay at the lake. Unfortunately it was after most of the super hot summer weather.

I only got to see them one night but it was great to finally see them in person and catch up. At Bark Lake it doesn't matter how much time passes you're still friends.

On Sunday morning before we left for sailing Ethan wanted to go up the hill. On the way down I got totally nailed my a wasp. I'm glad he's small so that he won't carry the memory of his father screaming like a little girl. I just hope that It's another 15 years till my next wasp sting. Ouch.


At the Sunday sailing race for the first time for me this summer anyway there was actually some wind to speak of. Ethan really insisted on joining me, which was nice since he usually doesn't want to. I was worried when the wind picked up and boat started to lean but he was great and held on and didn't fall out of the cockpit.



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2 thoughts on “Old Friends”

  1. pfffft. you screamed like a girl when you got stung. wuss. ;Pi'm kidding. i have never been stung. i'm pretty sure i'd scream and cry like a little girl, too ;P hehe.

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