Milk & Migraines

All yesterday I was fighting off a headache at work (much like I am today) and did a pretty good job. But that went out the door soon as I picked up the boys and they picked yesterday to scream.

After dinner I was feeling pretty sick, but we were out of milk so while Donna got the kids really for bed I went off to the Metro around the corner from us.

I picked up two bags of 3% (so we'd be good for a few days at least), headed for the cash, payed debit and drove home. I get home and go to head in when I notice the bag is really light… because there is only one bag of milk inside. I was so out of it I didn't even notice that they bagged then separately. So I bring that one in the house and then drive back to Metro where they had kept my milk on the side, I guess that happens a lot. D'oh.

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