I See You on Thursday

Carter was sad to see Ethan and I leaving tonight, he's so cute.

My dad joined us for this week's Thursday cars / ice cream night. I guess because of the downpours we had today there was 1/5 the turnout there usually is. Even though it was nice in the evening I guess a lot of people decided to say home.

Ethan likes to see the inside of the cars so I always pick him up so he can look in. It was bound to happen, tonight he accidentally kicked one of the cars as I was holding him up. Not at all hard, he was just swinging his legs. Well a guy came over to tell us off like he was going after it with a sledge hammer.

I don't know what annoyed me more, some guy telling off my kid (who I was in the process of disciplining) or that he thinks that a canary yellow '96 Mustang is a classic car. If my kid really wanted to destroy your car there would be nothing left but a crater. He's three, cut him some slack.

After checking out the few cars that did show up, we headed across the street for some ice cream. Thankfully with the cool weather there was no line up and we were able to get a table. Ethan stayed remarkable clean. I think it was the cool weather that stopped his cone from turning into a puddle in his hands. Whatever the reason I'm not going to question it. My dad made Ethan hysterical by pretending that his finger was a mouse popping out of the sun umbrella hole in the table. Ethan likes to laugh.

After that we dropped in on my sister to see the new windows they had installed today. I was very excited. I guess it's from years of watching this old house with my dad.


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