Class of ’95 Kid Reunion

One of my old class mates (thanks Emma) organized a reunion for those of us with kids this past weekend. It was really nice to get out with the boys and do something different then our usual weekend fair.

It was held in a trendy kids cafe in Montreal and across the street was nice big park with your usual money bar / slide stuff but it also had a small water park. Unfortunately Ethan caught a glimpse of it on the way in and ended up pinning for it most of the time we were at the cafe.

There was a little vote for fun and I was voted least changed?!? I was surprised to say the least.

Grad most changed: Kat!
Grad least changed: Grant!
Child with most unique name: Tristan! (Vicki)
Child who stands out: Carter! (Grant)


It was really great to see some old friends and their wonderful kids. It's still strange to think we're parents… sometimes High School just seems like it happened yesterday. Of course on the other hand, having kids can really make you feel old sometimes to. 🙂

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