Go Fly a Kite

We finally got around to trying out the kite that Ethan got in the loot bag from Bryce's birthday, and it was pretty fun. I kept telling Ethan to use two hands because I have some great childhood memories of my dad getting into a car and driving off looking a kite or two for me and my sister.

And of course there is the famous family story how our dog Patches picked up and ran off with a kite handle that we dropped. Hilarious.

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2 thoughts on “Go Fly a Kite”

  1. You should hit a dollar store and pick one up. Certainly would be good for an afternoon excursion with the family.I have such great childhood memories of flying kites. My parents bought my sister and I beautiful fabric and wood kites back in the 80's. I loved them they were so nice… I wonder what happened to them?Oh and pretty quick on the comment. I didn't even have a chance to edit out the mistakes from the post. 🙂

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