99.4 ¢

You can tell that the summer is almost over when you see gas prices like this. And I was just getting used to being excited when it hit the 1.10 $ per liter zone.

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6 thoughts on “99.4 ¢”

  1. That would be $3.50 USD a gallon.1 liters = 0.264172051 US gallons0.994 CAD
    0.948394 USD

    Canada Dollars

    United States Dollars

    1 CAD = 0.954119 USD

    1 USD = 1.04809 CAD

  2. Out here in BC (anyway) it's pretty common for gas stations to offer 3.5 cents off the posted price (no cards or memberships required). Don't know why they bother, actually. It's just a marketing thing, I expect.My point was only that I haven't actually seen it posted under a buck, but that's what the cost would come to.

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