Family Regatta Weekend

This past weekend I went to Bark Lake again with Ethan. It was the Family Regatta on the lake which I think is the largest event of the year.

You can always count on seeing friends you haven't see in a couple of years (given peoples schedules) and it gives you the chance to catch up.

My old friend Rob was there and we took the hiking path around the island with Ethan. I've never taken that path but it's a great hike. I was a little worried of Ethan falling off a cliff once or twice but or course he was oblivious to the danger. And with Rob's help we made it safety back.



I know I haven't got a lot of chances to go sailing this summer so I shouldn't complain but… the wind was pretty non- existent on the Sunday. I was worried about taking Ethan in the second race (we only had two, called the third) because of course I thought to myself with Ethan in the boat the wind will for sure pick up to gail force winds, right? Nope, the wind stayed the same and he fell asleep in the bottom my boat.


Notable pictures from the weekend.


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