BLPA Sailing Regatta Weekend

The 2007 BLPA Sailing Regatta was postponed to the Sunday, since it was raining on the Saturday. Which is lucky when you realize that the regatta is the only race held all year that even has a the possibleilty of being held the next day.

Ethan was pretty well behaved except for getting me to freak out in the tent because I thought I was going to have a nap but all he wanted to do was jump on me. As anyone who knows me what happens if you mess with me when I want to sleep. It's not pretty.

We also visited with some friends and on lake that afternoon. They have two boys close in age to Ethan and Carter. And at this age it didn't even matter that they speak different languages.


There was an amazing turn out for the race, even with four regulars who couldn't make it due to prior commitments or having to catch a flight.

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