Vacation, Part II

After lying around the house Monday (besides taking the boys to see their doctor) and Tuesday we went to Granby Zoo on the Wednesday.

Donna's dad and brother Steven came along and we were to meet my sister and her family there but (of course) we left late and were almost an hour late arriving. And I missed the exit because I read the directions on their website if you were coming from Sherbrooke. But I don't think we lost any time since the correct exit had so much traffic with people getting off for the Zoo.


  We did the same route as last year except we found a whole other leg of the outdoor animals that we didn't even know we missed from last year. Ethan didn't say very long in the stroller and quickly jumped on the wagon we had brought to carry our lunch.

We met up with my sister and her family for lunch after 4 or 5 long distance (probably roaming calls) on our cells then I realized that we both had FRS radios and could have just used those. D'Oh.

After lunch my sister was going to check out the water park and we'd hit the new Africa area that they were building last year.


The bad thing about going to a Zoo during the heat of the summer is that a lot the animals are totally hiding out from the heat and you're lucky to see them at all. On the other hand I'd feel bad if they were trotted out just so we could get a look at them. The Zoo is great and all but I'm sure they would rather be out in the wild.


In the Africa exhibit that had all these vechiles for the kids to climb on. Ethan kept screaming every time we lifted him into the airplane. He obviously wanted to get in but we couldn't figure out why he freaked out. Finally we got the a clue and realized that he wanted to get in by himself. He really wants to be self sufficient at times.

I just couldn't help shake feeling that we could have also been at a Dharma installation somewhere on the island. But maybe that's just me.

As we were finishing the Africa exhibit my sister FRS'ed me to let me know that they would be taking off and that we'd get together the next day (more on that later).

Well the water park super packed this visit but still fun even tough there were hundreds of kids running around. And yes there is only one picture from the water park because I had my shirt off in public and didn't want there to be any evidence. We stayed there for a couple of hours (like till 6pm, what a long day) and then went back to Donna's parents for dinner.

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One thought on “Vacation, Part II”

  1. Love the picture of Jade in her stroller, but when I printed it (4×5 1/2), it came out all pixel-y. I printed three others of ET and Carter at the same time and they came out fine. Is there anything I can do to fix the Jade picture? love, Momps

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