July Comic Run

Boneyard #25: One of my favorite books, Boneyard has hit the 25th issue milestone and starts a new story arc. The reason I like Boneyard so much, is because of the story arcs. It could just be a one shot story an issue with no continuity say like the Simpsons but the on going multiple issue arcs give the stories some depth and time to develop.

Elephantmen #9: Another of my favorites is Elephantmen. I like this one because it reminds me a lot of Metal Hurlant stuff like Metabarons and Incal. The downside to this series is that they have had so many restarts and quarters (not months) between issues that you for sure think that you have missed an issue because of the numbering. But other than that very enjoyable. Think Blade Runner mets genetically engineered animal men. What's not to love. A plus or minus depending on your point of view is that they do the book as a flip book. So you get two stories in one book. Unfortunately this makes it a short read and you find yourself hungry for more.

Elephantmen #9Elephantmen #P

Justice #12:  I'm not going to lie the main reason I picked this 12 issue series was Alex Ross. Usually when you see an Alex Ross project on the comic book shelf you go "Nice cover" then you find out he's only doing the covers and some lame-o guy is the book. Not so with Justice, he painted the entire run. The story I felt was an above average JLA story but don't expect anything to rock DC continuity.

Star Wars Legacy #11, 12, 13: I've read almost all the Star Wars novels and complete run of the Star Wars on going series that just ended. This new Legacy on going series is fun because it jumps ahead a hundred years or so to show you the future of the Jedi and the Skywalker family. So far the Jedi have been slaughtered once again but this time but Imperial Remnant and of course with help from the Sith. It's fun to see the tables turn with an Imperial Emperor ousted and on the run, who's a trained Jedi and a relative good guy for once.

SW Legacy 11SW Legacy 12SW Legacy 13

Ghost in the Shell 1.5, Human – Error Processor #8: The final issue of an eight part series. Cyborg fem-bots, guns and cultural jokes that I just don't get. If you've seen Ghost in the Shell (the movie, television series) you know most of the characters already. It follows the adventures of Public Security Section 9 and the strange future crime they deal with. It's interesting to see the difference with the series in print because I find it a lot more comical than the film or series I've seen.

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