Canada Day

We spent the long weekend at Brenda and Wally's in Baltimore Ontario along with a fare number for family members.

The boys did pretty good in the car considering it took us over 5 hours to get there.

The weather was nice except for a few isolated showers and the cold mornings in the tent; we could have done without those. That never bothered me when I was camping (before the boys) since I stayed in my sleeping bag till noon.  I really can't wait till Carter doesn't need a heated morning bottle.

I saw my first Canada Day parade in probably 20 years in Colberg. And down on the pier they had rides, I know Ethan enjoyed them.

They had some fireworks and the kids loved those. Well except Carter who go woken up, but nothing a warm bottle of milk couldn't fix.

Ethan really enjoyed hanging out with the older kids, he's still going about the two Jacks and the frogs. And they all helped out keeping a eye on the little fella because he really likes to take off running, Carter not so much.

We really had a fun time and it was great to see everyone.

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