Carnies and Cars


Leading up to the Canada Day weekend one of those travailing carnivals step-up shop and so against my better juggemnet and my knowledge of carnies, I took Ethan.

There wasn't much there for him anyway and he didn't want to go on the kids rides by himself. So we waited for the Tilt-A-Wirl. During this time four tween girls where on the ride, I noticed them because one of them was sick on the other three and herself. I thought, silly kids, drinking too much soda and popcorn. Ethan kept telling me "sick, blah, blah", and pointing to the car that the girls had been riding.

We finaly got on and the ride after what seemed like 20 minutes of the carny wiping down the car the girls had been in. I made sure not to take that one.

Ethan was screaming and laughing and having a great and so was I. Little did I know that the ride was going to last over five minutes and by the time it finished both Ethan and I were pretty boarded of the ride. You can only scream for so long.

Unfortunately, I was a little nauseous after and was glad Ethan didn't express an interest to go for another ride.


On the way home we stopped off at Combo's to check out all the antique cars people show off every Thursday night. Ethan pointed out the cars that resembed the ones from the Dinsey/Pixar film Cars. But I did have to remind him a few times not the touch the cars.

I would have posted more photos but I had Ethan on my shoulders and every time I tried to snap one with my cell phone he was always moving around. But it was still a fun night out.

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