Best Weekend Ever!

First off let me say i love my children, secondly let me say I can't remember Donna and I having an adult weekend away from them since they were born. Plus this was my first real vacation in 6 years and Donna's in 7.

We went with Dave and Tina down to Lake George NY, I had never been but Dave and Donna have some great childhood memories of summers spent there. We got pretty goofy on the drive down. It just wasn't Tina, I was pretty coco loco, but then I was the one with the camera so unfortunately there's no proof. Donna said she hadn't seen me like that in 3 years. On another note Ethan's 3rd birthday is in July.

Driving down the scenic I87, a bird flew across the road in front of us and we all screamed, sure that it was all over (at least I did, and here on my first vacation in 6 years). But we didn't hear or see anything so we laughed it off. That is until we got out of the car at the motel. Those bumpers are really made sturdy.

The first night there consisted of what most people do when they arrive on vacation. Check in to you rooms, drive around town and eat a restaurant that you have at home instead of some local place.

Pizza HutBeaverIMG_0793There be bears!

So haven eaten at a restaurant that I would never eat at when home, we continued our tour of main strip. Then we found it, the holy land a Wal-Mart Supercenter. It was everything I had ever hoped it would be, that is if I had know they had existed before pulling in the parking lot.

Having been years since I have gone shopping drunk it was lot of fun running around Wal-Mart. I saw my first live Zune, Star Wars toys that I can only hope to on Ebay and beer. Beer at Wal-Mart!!! This was mind blowing, beer at Wal-Mart. We don't have this at home. I always thought Quebec the easiest places to find and get beer (say over Ontario. Damn Beer Store) but never would I have imaged buying beer at Wal-Mart. Oh and we bought some toys for the kids also. See just because we're having fun doesn't mean we're not thinking about them. Of course whether it was out of love or guilt that's to be determined later.


Heading back to the motel and my buzz having turned into a headache I started playing around with my semi-new camera produced some nice 1980's album covers. After a final drive to the other end of town we headed back to the motel, had a beer and got ready for the day to come


Our first and only full day in Lake George stated out with us visiting McDonalds for breakfast. It was a 1950's themed one, they had this McDonald's mascot that I've never seen and I love that old time graphic design. They even had wi-fi available, of course I don't have a laptop but even if I did have one, I doubt I would have been aloud to do any surfing.


And so began our day at the Great Escape. One plus is that we have LaRonde season passes and LaRonde is a Six Flags park so I didn't cost us a thing and I always like free stuff. But I know it's not really free since we had to pay for the season passes to start with. But we have gone so many thing to LaRonde and now one to The Great Escape that it's totally paid for and we're saying money now.

We went on every ride we could, and I'm not a big ride kind of guy. I just don't like the feeling of certain parts of my body in free fall. Tina had been saying we would go on the Alpine Bobsled all week before we left and of course that ride was closed for the whole morning. When they did open it we found an hour wait, so forget that. Maybe next year.

We watched the diving show and that was fun, albeit a little dated. But I got to try some DDR in an arcade (first time every and boy did I suck). I would have liked to go the cable car ride but I didn't fell anyone else wanted to go on it. Then Dave and I used up our tokens in an arcade (which took a total of five minutes). Then we noticed the girls were gone so we spend the 30 minutes walking all over the park looking for them. Next time I'm so bringing my Walkie Talkies and we're making a "if we loose each other wait in front of that…" plan.

For dinner we went to Red Lobster (this the third restaurant that ate out at and have back home if you're keeping track). It was a great dinner and we were totally stuffed afterwards. 

IMG_0990Red LobsterIMG_1017IMG_0994

But we did manage to make room on the way home to stop by McDonald's and pick-up a sunday. Thank goodness Tina had a Tide to Go pen and saved my shirt from an errant dribble of chocolate sunday. And that night we had one beer and crashed in the motel, we were supper tired.

Next morning we hit Dunkin Donuts, walked around downtown checking out the sights and
among other things,


hit a dollar store. For lunch we went to Taco Bell / Long John Silver's and then drove home.

Best weekend ever!

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3 thoughts on “Best Weekend Ever!”

  1. i missed this post somehow! anyway, it sounds like you had a great weekend away from the kids! hehehe… adult weekends are the best 😀 mia's just barely a year old and i love getting away from her. hehehe….that makes it sound like i have the worst daughter ever or something, huh? hehehe…anyway, i'm glad you guys had a great time 🙂

  2. You didn't miss the post. I've been writing it for a couple of days since I've been going to bed right after the kids, so I don't have anytime to post stuff. So i was doing it during breaks and lunch at work.Don't worry wanting to get away from your children is normal. Even parents need to recharge once in while.

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