Web 2.0 Randomness

We've all been there. You need to do some design but you're not at home and there's no Photoshop installed. Well fret no more here comes fauxto (like photo, their tag line not mine) to the rescue.

It's a flash utility that can do all the basic stuff you might want when you're on the road. It will take you a little time to get used to the UI. I found I keep trying to use the PS short cuts and you can't cut and paste from external programs or vice versa.

But lets face it levels, filters and zoom is pretty much all you need in a jam. And it's way better than fighting with MS Paint.

You got this nice blog, right? You've spent years posting your innermost thoughts and insights? Documenting your life with photos, links and comments, opening a window onto your very soul. Now how the hell are you going to monetize it?

Those of you who are successful web 2.0 personalties already can skip ahead. But before you do you can comment how much you like my post and then link to me, and in turn make me a famous web 2.0 personality.

So blurb is a site / program that will turn your Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and WordPress blogs into high quality glossy hard bound literately goodness. Then you can sell your innermost thoughts, insights, photos, links and comments to total strangers for profit. And if you are lucky one day, one of those strangers will place a coffee mug on the paper bound version of your soul.

If the mood takes you so you can just do normal non blog book also. But wouldn't be very web 2.0 of you now would it.

If only the damn thing supported VOX.

So you're going to die. It's only up to when you go and how many of your followers drink the Kool Aid before the AFT come a knocking.

That's where deathswitch comes in.

You will be asked on a schedule of your choosing to reset the the switch. I would diswade you from using the popular 108 minutes interval for obvious reasons. But when you fail to reset the switch, an email notifies family and friends of the location of your hidden gold bouillon so that they may fight to the death and or devise an elaborate Survivor like game show to decide who gets it . And your work passwords can be sent to your replacement so he or she can check your email. They will really appreciate it at the office and you never know, you might need their referral to get into heaven.

Downside, $19.95 a year. I don't know if that's worth to tell off your boss from beyond the grave.

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