Thomas LIVE

This past weekend my dad, Ethan and myself saw Thomas the Tank Engine LIVE at Place

des Arts.

The show was pretty good from a kid aspect. The trains used animatronics so the eyes and eye brows moved, smoke came out the funnels and the wheels moved. I wish they had sung so on the songs from the show, Ethan might has sung along more.

And Marina Orsini and her husband were sitting right behind us.

During the show Ethan was very quite and hardly moved, he was mesmerized by the show which equals loved it. And that was fine because I had no idea how he would react at the show and I didn't want him screaming to go home or something. This morning the first thing he said to me was about how Percy crashed and how he saw the "le vrai Thomas" After the show we hooked up with Ethan's little cousin (by six months) Aidan and his parents who also attended t he show for a few moments before heading off to Harvey's for lunch.

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