To The Park and Beyond

Yesterday Donna needed the kids out of the house for a few hours so I took the boys to Saint Helen's Island and my sister and her daughter came along.

Now I've been to a few parks but this one is by far the best I've seen outside of an amusement park. But when you take into consideration the $3 an hour parking ($12 for the whole day), you suddenly realize where they got the money for the thing.

Ethan only ran off a few times and I had to chase him down. One time I caught him and told him to go back, he took off running towards my sister and the other two kids. In a fine example of me not explaining myself fully I realized that he was heading strait for his little cousin Jade that's just started to walk. So I started yelling "incoming" at my sister but she didn't understand what I meant and Ethan ran up to Jade and body checked her to the ground.


We were going to check out another park near our house but Jade started to fall asleep in the car so my sister took her home.

Now this second park was an ok park, a nice park, lots of things for the kids to play on. But compared to the first park it was a dump. Of course the lack $3 an hour parking was nice.

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