Hell, It’s About Time

About ten years waiting for the fracking thing.

For those of you that haven't hear, and of that I'm sure that are many, Blizzard's big lead up on their site has indeed been for Starcarft II. But what is this Starcarft you speek of you might ask, since you are probably an individual with a life and a low geek rating. Well it's only the best RST of all time, the bench mark that all games in the genre have been measured against and now it's getting a sequel after 10 years.

I can tell you that I have wasted the odd night or two playing the old Fastest Possible Map and getting pwned by a bunch of 12 year olds in their parent's basements. So needless to say I'm excited about Starcraft 2.

Now I just hope I don't have to upgrade my video card.

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