QotD: A Dream Come True

Have you ever had a dream that came true? 
Submitted by rescout.

So in the dream I was coming home from Dawson College and for some reason I went to Longueuil Metro. I would never go there to get home since I lived in Brossard and the Brossard autoparc is 5 minutes from my parents house (where I was living at the time).

So when I get to the metro I then go and take the 44 bus (the 44 doesn't even go there) and I catch it in a totally random spot that I've never really taken a bus at the Metro.

So a week or two later there was a student strike downtown around the Bonaventure Metro/Bus terminus (where I catch my bus home). So they were telling people to goto Longueuil Metro and their buses would be there. So I get there and were is the 44? Right where it was in my dream.

Now why can't I get a dream about the lotto numbers?

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