Questions From Your Girlfriend that Aren’t or The List

We have all been asked those questions, you know the ones. The ones with no right answers, the ones when you hear them you should fake a page and beat a hasty retreat, even if you do not have a pager.

I'm taking about questions from your girlfriend that aren't really questions. Or as many of us guys know them, reasons why you will not be having sex for the next week or so… if you're lucky. And before all you married guys think since you're married you don't have to worry about stuff like this, I think it's safe to say that this list is doubly important to you. So listen up.

The list not only points out some of the most deadly questions/pitfalls, but offers a translation and thankfully a plan of action so you will never be denied sex ever again.

For example Where do you want to go tonight?”  really means "Read my mind.” When this happens the list instructs you to plan an activity every four days and follow through with said activity. It's a lot of work but having to find a willing partner for sex can be even more daunting and needs it's own list of questions to avoid.

Alex and Kevin of Diggnation fame in episode 93 quickly talked about the list.

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