Free Comic Book Day

Well it's that time of year again when I get excited to take the kids to the comic book store for free comics.

If you were unaware, Free Comic Book Day (this coming May 5th) has been going on for a few years now and just keeps getting big and better. Mainly it's a way for the publishers to reach a larger market and addict… I mean gain some new readers. But for those of us who buy comics all year round it's a little bonus for all the hard earned money we've pissed away… I mean invested over the years.

There is a wide selection of books from the Superman variety to Archie to never heard of independent titles. So there is always something for everyone.

My advice to you though is to get out there early and hit as many comic book stores as you can since some can be stingy in giving them away (as the shop has to pay for some of it). But where might you ask be the comic stores, FCBD has a nice tool where you enter your zip code and they'll point you in the right direction.

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4 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day”

  1. it was my understanding that the shop pays for all of it…. i don't know… since i'm not a comic book store owner…if you can find them, get your kids the owly one. owly's so friggin' cute.i can never find them in the store. i always have to get mine from andy's table at comic-con…

  2. That sounds right, it's been years since I talked to my comic book guy on a weekly bases.You know Andy Runton? I always get the Owly comics for Ethan, but last years one got a little destroyed and coloured in.

  3. i talk to andy every year at comic con. it's not like we're really friends or anything. but i like to say "andy" like we're on a first name basis. he's a big morrissey fan and so am i… so when he signed my owly book, he drew me a personalized owly with a moz hairdo. so cute. andy's beyond nice.

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