Weekend Round Up


My parents took Ethan friday night and i met them at the easter petting zoo in the Wal-Mart mall. Ethan thought the

lama was from Samaria Jack or as he calls it jack jack.He fell asleep on the way home and I managed to get him into his bed without waking him up. About an hour later he wakes up and is crying for mamat, mamat. We have no idea what he's talking about so Donna tells him she has to go to Wal-Mart and starts yelling mamat  again. How many two years old have a tantrum to goto Wal-Mart.

After mamat we stopped by Toys R Us. We came up the back way and without even seeing the sign, Ethan raised his arms and yelled "Yaaah!" I have a feeling we're in trouble ;-). It just blows me away how much Ethan gets. He has a better memory than Donna and I. He'll remember a place weeks later and tell us about what we did the last time we were there.

Today we when into Montreal so I could pick up my comic reserve. i picked up the following.

We also went the Winners/Homesense mall near Donna's work. It's really small and there really isn't anything there but I always look forward to going there. I don't know why. Ethan enjoys the escalators.


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up”

  1. It is crazy how much kids get! And along the Toys R Us line: When I was young my folks took us 5 kids on a road trip from B.C. to California to see relatives. My youngest sister was about 3 at the time and what was simply freaky was how she could spot those golden arches down the I-5 before anyone else even thought to look!

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