Attack of ElGastro

Last night Carter was sick twice, but he slept all night and this morning he was sick again. So Donna took Ethan to daycare and I was going to the doctor just to get Carter checked out.

Luckly my boss wasn't in when i called in to tell him I was going to be staying home. That meant I didn't have to get told off to have my wife stay home to look after the kids. Very progressive thinker that one is.

So I'm just about out the door when Ethan's daycare calls and tells me he's sick so I have to pick him up on the way to the doctor.

My first day off in a long time that I'm not sick and I'm on vomit patrol.


My sister called me and she and Phil stayed home today with Jade. She has the same thing. So I guess someone at her birthday party had a bug and passed it along to everyone else.

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6 thoughts on “Attack of ElGastro”

  1. you know, your family is WAY more important than work. i'm sure that you do everything that's required of you… there's no reason for the boss to be pissed. but… i know how it is… bosses swear your life should revolve around work… heh.

  2. it's not that he wants my life to revolve around work (since he's totally not happy @ work) but it's "get that chick of yours to look after you kids while you're out chasing some tail and drinking a couple of 24's" attitude. It's guys like him that make me embarrassed to be a guy.

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