4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 3”

  1. I'm really enjoying this revamped Doctor Who.Just finished the last of the first series of Torchwood and copped an eyefull of boys kissing.I should have been more prepared for it, what with all the girls having had a snog allready.I like the picture. I've never seen a Doc Who promo look so dynamic ;-)This new chick has a hard act to follow.

  2. Torchwood was ok, but it just seemed a little contrived about everyone getting it on with everyone else. I don't mind that kind of stuff, I'm no prude but it wasn't that dynamic as it could have been. And what does it take to get fired from TW?

  3. I think you have to leave the loo seat up to get fired :-)I saw a pilot for a kids show called 'the Sarah Jane Mysteries) which is aimed at kids.It was ok, but the bonus was Sarah Jane, who has always been a bit of a fav for me.She has a 'sonic lipstick' (sic)

  4. I know it aired on CBBC (or something) on new years day (i believe in the UK). It was cute, but it was aimed @ kids. I do totally know what you mean about Sarah Jane. 🙂

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