Vox Hunt: I Miss This Show

Video: Show us a clip of a TV show you miss.

The wife and I really miss this show. It was dark and funny and in the end I felt optimistic about death and what comes after.

It sucks that it got canceled after only two series. I guess networks only want dark, depressing, non-optimistic shows (like 6 Feet Under, Nip-Tuck, and Sopranos) that make you want to take your own life after every episode.

I really hate that genre of show that say "let's see how much of a train wreck we can make these people's lives and never give them the chance of being even remotely happy, through circumstances or their own F'ed up psyche. I guess substance is over rated when all you need is the formulaic obligatory gay character, the drug addict, the morally bankrupt best friend, swearing, nudity and violence.

end of rant.

And if you know what's good for you don't get me started on Firefly. Damn Alliance.

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2 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: I Miss This Show”

  1. Nice choice! I have only been able to see about half the episodes (I guess I need to rent/buy the DVDs!) and really liked this show. I thought it was really well written and had such an interesting premise. Plus I think Mandy Patinkin is a great actor… and Ellen Muth is pretty cute. 😉

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