Genesis Tour

The first band I ever saw live (along with my mom) is going on tour again. Genesis is doing 20 odd shows in Canada and the USA this coming year.

I'm temped to go but they are playing the Olympic Stadium, last time I needed binoculars to see the stage. And this was before the damn thing started falling apart. Plus I don't even want to know the price, even though in the press conference Phil Collins said that they want to charge the going rate. Having sold 130 million records they aren't doing it for the money.

With a week to my 30th birthday yet another reminder how old I am. I saw them when I was 15. Yikes! A little trivia, Genesis is the only band that (besides Sloan) that I have all their albums. Unfortunately they are almost all on tape. Again with the examples of my age. Yikes!

If you haven't caught on yet "Yikes" is my new catchy blogy term. Bloggy? Blogie? Blogé. Work in progress.

It was funny when I was in high school if you were into 70's progressive rock it was either Rush or Pink Floyd and i was into neither. I mean I got the Tom Swayer song and the giant Pig but I didn't own any CD's. And all the Rush and Pink Floyd kids weren't into Genesis. And outside of all that there was always that one damn kid who would have had the Doors love child if they could have.

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