More about snow, time and Einstein

There is two instances when time dilates.

1) As you approach the speed of light.
2) When you pull a 2 year old around in the snow. An hour feels like 3 days worth of physical activity. I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

I guess Einstein didn't factor that into his equations.

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4 thoughts on “More about snow, time and Einstein”

  1. No don't get me wrong, when he's 20 I'll look back on these days and cry like a little baby. It's just so funny that a little kid can run an adult into the ground. Of course after lunch he crashed on the couch watching Cars. But then his little brother woke up and I had to feed him so I didn't get a nap. Need to get the kids naps in sync so I can get a nap also.

  2. i never seem to get a nap when mia's napping. i just feel like i've got all this stuff to do! it's either take a nap and let the home spiral out of control… or clean and do stuff… and just be tired all day.just can't win. heh.

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