The Strenght of 50 Tigerbots… Tiger-Bots? Tigerbots!

Donna's got the same flu/gastro thing I had last week today so she went to bed earily and I put the kids to sleep.

So we're in the living room and I'm giving Carts his bottle and Ethan is playing and stuff.

So Ethan gets my Sawga the Chinese Siamese Cat DVD out, the DVD of the show I worked on, the one I bought years ago and don't see at Wal-Mart one, that one.

So he's working really hard at getting it out of the case and I'm letting him since he does it all the time with his DVDs.

Then CRACK!!!

Ethan has cracked the DVD into shards. First I was OMG what have you done. But then parent mode kicks in and I'm all show me you hands, are you ok? Do you have any shards lodged in your body? I checked him over but he's fine. Lucky.

I don't know if any of you have tried to break a DVD on porpoise (no not purpose, porpoise. That's when you're focused like a dolphin to do something) but it is totally hard. You have to bend it in half to get it to break, so for Ethan to have done this he must have super powers. In any case I'll think twice about letting him near my DVDs from now on. Unless he threatens me with his inhuman strength, that is.

Tigerbots hyphenated? I can never tell. Plus I try not to get close enough to them to ask.. I don't need any more head trauma. Can you tell?

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2 thoughts on “The Strenght of 50 Tigerbots… Tiger-Bots? Tigerbots!”

  1. oh no!!!! now you know that you should always make a backup of those special things… heh. and knowing is half the battle ;Pi'm glad he didn't hurt himself. what a strong little guy! hehe…

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