Lovasaurus Attack

Did you know that this was Carts first Valentine's? Yes it's true.

We always place our children on a plastic sheet on their first valentine's day and take pictures. If they survive they are true Lovasaurus.  It's a great Canadian tradition. Why back in the 1700's the first fur traders would place their children on plastic sheets and have a wood carving of the occasion made. Of course mortality rates were very high since it would take much too long for the wood carvers to capture the image. And the children would by then have wrapped themselves up in the plastic sheets.

Donna always has the best ideas for stuff like this. But don't tell her I said that. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Lovasaurus Attack”

  1. thanks. but it depends who you ask. the true curse of having child is having to listen to friends and family nit-pick about who they look like the most, aarrhh! Lets wait till they're into their teens.

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