There Goes the Neighborhood

So this morning when I took Ethan to day care I looked down our street to the next block I saw a cop car with it's lights flashing and one of those mobile news vans with a telescopic satellite dish extended.

I wasn't going that way so I put it out of my mind and dropped off the little guy and went to work.

My dad calls during dinner and tells me about how two women were stabbed in a car and one was dropped out at the bottom of our street.

I told Donna I guess that's what the news van was about.

But my town has other things going for it other than attempted murder. No cemeteries for one so no zombies. And it's the only official multicultural city in Quebec. And the new Quatier Dix30.

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3 thoughts on “There Goes the Neighborhood”

  1. no zombies, huh? well, when the zombies have taken over the neighboring towns, where do you think they're going to go next? that's right. to your town! hehe.

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