New Music to Me.

So I was trying to find some new music and I heard a cool song in a video blog I watch. So

I went and downloaded it. The next day I tell my co-worker Sylvain oh you've got to listen to this and he's heard it and hate's the song. Oh well.

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3 thoughts on “New Music to Me.”

  1. I know, same here. You either love this song or you hate it. I bought the album a couple of weeks ago and I think it's just brilliant. Most of it is feelgood music and no song is alike. I like to listen to it in the car and I do get funny looks, when I (try) to sing along. 😉

  2. LOL… I love the song, but I know some people hate this guy for making music that's actually happy. Stupid emo kids. I'm glad of someone who can put a smile on my face.

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