Countries for Sale and oh yeah iPhone

Today's post was going to be about the sale of the country of Sealand that is currently up for sale, but I've had to add one more thing.

According to Yahoo!News the family that setup the sovereign Principality in 1967 (complete with it's own money, pastports, flag, stamps, and even a Bureau of Internal Affairs, must be pretty small), is up for sale and could be a great place for internet  gambling and child porn… I mean off shore banking and data hosting.

Sealand was originally an anti-aircraft plateform build in international waters in WWII
 to fend off the Germans. But it has since produced a national football team (I'm assuming soccer not the other football) , a mini-golf team, and a slot car racing team.

So if you're interested in having your very own sovereign Principality and between £65 and £900 million lying around and hopefully know how to swim get a move on.

one more thing…

So just after getting a new cell phone, of course… Apple goes and anounces the iPhone. Now I don't have a Mac and haven't used one since my days in CEGEP, it's just that Apple products are just so polished.

So I watched almost all (a good hour) of the keynote and boy does it look nice. Of course I'll be dragging the family into the cell phone kiosk at the mall when this gets released here.

This is definitely not a phone with iTunes, this is a really smart phone. With the usual push email, but interesting that Yahoo! has partnered with Apple to provide free push email for all of it's Yahoo! Mail users for the iPhone.

The move for no stylus is not surprising for Apple (people hate those things, unless it's on the Nintendo DS) considering their keep it simple and clean design mantra. And the "pinch" technique for zooming seems like a very good way to get around the lack of a stylus.

Not bad for one of the worst kept tech secrets of the year.


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2 thoughts on “Countries for Sale and oh yeah iPhone”

  1. first of all, i want to own my own country. heh. where do i sign up?! hehe but the first thing i'd do is change the name. sealand sounds stupid. heh.the iphone looks so sweet! i couldn't own one, though. i ruin things. so it's been established that i'm not allowed to have really nice tech products. heh.

  2. Ok, so if you had the cash ( or friends at a leveraged buyout firm) what would you do with sealand? On another note: someone is currently making a documentary about sealand, but I think that it has the properties of a fine fictionalized drama/dark comedy.

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