Talking about Pearl Jam

Check out Edith’s thoughts on her Pearl Jam concerts.





Pearl Jam

I have to be honest here. It would take a helluva lot for me to leave a Pearl Jam show dissappointed. Needless to say, it’s never happened.  We’ve seen them for a total of 5 times now. First, the bands that open for them are always a treat – Cheap Trick, the Buzzcocks, Supergrass and Sleater Kinney. Awesome, especially Sleater Kinney and the Buzzcocks, I’d have paid to see just that part of the show! Ultimate best moment I’ve had at Pearl Jam : ok actually there’s two 1) in Quebec City, a fan close to the stage through Eddie a Quebec Nordiques shirt, and he immediately put it on and paraded around the stage. I’ve never seen a crowd, except for maybe at a hockey game, go that nuts. 2) for the Yield tour, a friend of mine who worked at the Bell Centre came and got us in our far-away seats and brought us to the front of the stage…I can’t believe we were that close to Eddie. Their new album just came out and it’s really awesome, but sadly no stop in Montreal on their next tour. 😦

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