Shave to Save – Nancy Hurrell

Donna’s co-worker Nancy Hurrell was on Mix 96 to have her head shaved, and to raise money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have put some links below.
Video of Nancy Link – if the link donesn’t work, copy and paste it into your browser.
Mix 96 Shave to Save Page
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

One thought on “Shave to Save – Nancy Hurrell”

  1. o wow i would never do that. no offence. loli dont get it ppl raise millions of dollars everyyearand yet they cant find like any cure to any dieasesman it makes me wonder what they do with that money!pssh lololarrrrrrrr i have no school thursday&friday i am so lucky :Dhey grant i jus realized that ive never been to ur house before! :O

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