Another ET Bark Lake Adventure

So it was just Dad and ET going to Bark Lake this past weekend . The little guy almost slept the entire way and woke up on the bumpy road (my family’s name for the road into BL). Where we (we’ll it was mainly me ’cause ET was looking a trees or something… kids ) a mommy deer and it’s fawn. Took some blurry photos and then on to BL.
Auntie Kim and Uncky Phil were up along with Grandpa & Grandma. So ET’s support team took over (and by the way did a great job of looking after the little guy the whole weekend), and the two sailors were off to the Regatta.
The sailing was great! The wind…. yes I said wind was just to the left of "OMG! There’s no way you’re getting me out there! Are you $#!^ing me!" windy. We had a great turn out, 10 boats I believe, above average i think. Everyone tipped atleast once except me, my Dad, Stuart J w/ Charles L. I got three 2nd places but it was good enough to win the day, I dont think I’ve worked so hard for a win in years… or it might be that I’m just getting old .
When we got back team ET had put him down for his afternoon nap, and almost right away he woke up. We had steak for dinner and ET had bear crackers he likes them but then again he eats dirt when he can.
We put ET to sleep, I played some guitar, the ‘rents went to bed, stayed up w/ PHIM by the fire and went to bed.
And then left the next day @ 2pm for home.
ps. thanks to mom for being the lighter sleeper and getting up with ET on sunday morning!

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