Week round up: Ethan, Work & Kitchen, oh my!

So this morning I had to take off 2 hours of work and run around looking for a heat duct (not duck) elbows and stuff so that they could be installed under the new kitchen that was installed. And boy does it look great. Check out the before and after pics.

After draging myself to work, ’cause by now it’s too hot to work (@ 9:30am), things went pretty well. So rushes, no "oh my god, oh my god get this out last week!" crap. That’s always a plus on friday. And i got everything entered in the shipping log. Yah me! I guess you had to be there.

Today marked Ethan-Ty’s first week (5 working days that is) at day care. He seems to have taken to it a little too well. I don’t know if i should be happy that he’s able to sit down and start playing and not even notice that I’ve left or feeling that I’ve already failed as a parent ’cause my child doesn’t cry when I leave him. Personnaly I think he’s playing mind games with me… or maybe not


edit: I’ve added all the recent Photobucket albums here aswell. I might start using this for my photo ablums….

One thought on “Week round up: Ethan, Work & Kitchen, oh my!”

  1. I\’m about to enter that bittersweet world of daycare soon myself…I\’ll get back to on the head game consensus!cheersC

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